Other Projects

Ramsar enhancing CEPA

Project is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Projects objective is to Enhance the awareness of the value and the role of wetlands within nature biodiversity among NorBalWet countries.

Project aims to enhance the visibility the Ramsar wetlands, strenghten the NorBalWet Initiative, build capacity in Communication, Educations, Participation and Awareness (CEPA) and courage countries to plan and implement their CEPA Action Plans.

Expected results are that all wetland managers and stakeholders within project countries will have good a knowledge of Ramsar and NorBalWet, support to implement wetland conservation at NorBalWet countries is provided and that there will be enhanced know-how on Communication, Education, Participation and Awareness skills. Workshop 1, Workshop 2

TEEB Nordic

An assessment of the state and economics of the key ecosystem services in the Nordic CountriesTEEB Nordic Study, coordinated by the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE and the Institute for European Environmental Policy IEEP, will be completed in spring 2012.
The TEEB Nordic Study (The State and Economics of Key Ecosystem Services in the Nordic Countries) is based on the international research project, The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity TEEB coordinated under the United Nations Environment Programme UNEP. TEEB Nordic is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Return of Rural Wetlands LIFE

Project aims to create new frame and good start for the future nationwide program for wildlife habitat conservation, restoration and re-creation that will operate on local level in a participatory manner strongly recognizing the landowner point of view and, utilizing the strong Finnish tradition for voluntary work at local level for common good. Project duration is from 1.9.2010 to 31.12.2015. More information: Return of Rural Wetlands LIFE

Boreal Peatlands LIFE

The largest LIFE Nature project in Finland started in January 2010. The project led by the Natural Heritage Services of Metsähallitus aims at restoring nearly 4 300 hectares of various kind of peatlands. This five year project includes 54 Natura 2000 sites around Finland. More information: Boreal Peatlands LIFE

Mire Restoration LIFE

The goal of the project was to restore ditched mires, i.e. to return them to as close to their natural state as possible by using different kinds of restoration measures. In restoring mires to their natural state the emphasis was on bringing the original landscape, hydrology, vegetation and fauna back to the mires. The mire restoration project lasted for three years, 1996-1999. More information: Mire Restoration LIFE