Photo: Agnese Priede. Lakeshore pastures by the Lake Engure, Latvia

Photo: Agnese Priede. Lakeshore pastures by the Lake Engure, Latvia

NorBalWet Organization

The NorBalWet Coordination Group is composed of the Ramsar national focal points from each participating countries. A coordination group plans and oversees the work of the initiative by scheduling regular telephone conferences and physical meetings linked to the annual wetland conferences and seminars. The coordination group publishes written minutes of its meetings and decisions.

Coordination group selects the Chaircountry and two co-chairs. Chairmanship rotates between the countries on a bi-annual basis. Chairmanship has so far been held by Estonia (2008) and Finland (2009-2010). Current chairmanship is held by Norway (2011-2012) and the forthcoming chair for 2012-2013 is Greenland.

Funding is organized mainly by the chair country but there is also project funding. Ramsar Enhancing CEPA -project is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and is one example of project cooperation between NorBalWet and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Communication, Education, Participation and Awareness (CEPA)

CEPA provides information and advice on how to raise awareness and enhance knowledge and skills for the conservation and wise use of wetlands. Its aim is to build capacity in strategic CEPA actions and courage countries to plan and implement their CEPA Action Plans.

NorBalWet organizes workshops for CEPA Focal Points to improve planning skills through hands-on activities.

  • 1st CEPA Workshop was held in Helsinki, Finland 23-26 January 2012. Participants planned key CEPA activities which will help implement the initiative’s agreed priority areas of cooperation.
  • 2nd CEPA workshop will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark 4-6 September 2012. Aim of the workshop is to take projects from the 1st workshop forward and to consider other priority areas requiring CEPA interventions.

STRP NFP working group

STRP working group isn't active at the moment but for example expert seminars are arranged as a part of NorBalWet Initiative. The seminars are dealing with practical elements of wetland management and research. The latest NorBalWet expert seminar was held in Troms, Norway 2011.



Administrative Authority (AA): An agency within each Party’s government, designated by the head of state or government or the Foreign Office, to take charge of the implementation of the Convention. RAMSAR organization

National Focal Point (NFP): Person who have been designated to work with the Ramsar Secretariat in implementing the Convention and achieving its wise use objectives.

CEPA NFP: Qualified CEPA experts, one from within government and one from an NGO.

STRP NFP: An acknowledged wetland technical expert from either government or other organization.

National Ramsar or Wetland Committee: Provides mechanism for spreading the Convention’s approach to wetland and water issues beyond the individuals and branches of government that are officially charged with its implementation. Not all countries have yet established a National Ramsar or Wetland Committee.